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What is Lithium?

Lithium is a trace mineral in the same class as essential electrolyte minerals such as sodium and potassium. Many authorities consider this to be a vital mineral and an essential nutrient and there is a recommended daily allowance for adults at a dose of 1 mg per day. Lithium orotate, which differs from the prescription of lithium carbonate, is lithium combined with orotic acid. It was developed by Dr. Hans Nieper.

The seven health benefits of lithium

Below is a short list of seven little-known health benefits of lithium. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it does provide some insight.
  • 1. Promotes normal brain health
Studies have shown that lithium can increase the volume of gray matter in the prefrontal cortex region of the brain, most likely by generating new stem cells. This process is called neurogenesis or the creation of new brain cells. Research also demonstrates lithium's neuroprotective potential and ability to deter age-related neurodegenerative brain shrinkage. Research shows that smaller amounts of lithium orotate can be used to support therapeutic levels of lithium for longer periods of time compared to lithium carbonate. These discoveries could revolutionize the field of brain research and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • 2. Supports bone health
The effects of calcium and phosphorus, two minerals integrated in bone formation, can be improved by supplementing with lithium. Some research indicates lithium's potential to support bone strength. Lithium can also stimulate bone formation.
  • 3. Supports focus and attention
In a randomized, double-blind trial comparing it to a population-based lithium medication, lithium was found to be comparable in addressing the most common symptoms of short attention span and even secondary symptoms such as mood swings.
  • 4. Therapeutic support for Tourette syndrome?
Tourette syndrome is a disorder of the motor system, with symptoms that include involuntary muscle movements and uncontrollable vocal sounds. A preliminary but promising study found that lithium performed better than a commonly prescribed drug. In addition, the group administered with lithium experienced a significant and dramatic decrease in the number of tics and involuntary vocal sounds. No side effects were reported in the study and the recurrence of symptoms in the lithium group was still evident several months later.
  • 5. Supports immune health
Recent research has shown that lithium can have powerful immune-boosting effects, simultaneously exerting immune-stimulating properties and action against harmful organisms. A major mechanism is by decreasing the level of prostaglandin activity. Prostaglandins are small signals in every cell of the body, modulating a variety of metabolic actions. Excessive prostaglandin activity can reduce immune function. However, lithium may play a role in reducing its overproduction and immune-suppressing effects.
  • 6. It encourages longevity
Exciting studies from Japan have demonstrated a strong correlation between lithium consumption and longevity. The study involved the analysis of 18 water municipalities that consisted of over 1.2 million citizens. The results showed lower all-cause mortality rates in population groups that received higher levels of lithium in their water supply. Research suggests that lithium may act as an antioxidant, possibly providing anti-aging, life-extending benefits.
  • 7. It helps to balance obsessive-compulsive behaviors
Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a subgroup of anxiety disorders characterized by obsessive thoughts and behaviors. The exact cause of this disorder remains unknown. However, scientists believe that a combination of biological, psychological and even environmental factors can cause the disease.

A reduction in symptoms common to classic OCD has been associated with lithium supplementation. Compulsive and pathological gamblers have also shown a positive response to lithium supplementation, possibly by modulating dopamine imbalances in the brain.


In addition to helping patients with bipolar disorder and similar mental health issues, lithium has a long and growing list of health benefits. Researchers continue to investigate the potential of this vital mineral.



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