Cascara Sagrada

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Cascara Sagrada has a mild laxative effect thanks to Rhamnus purshiana buckthorn, improves muscle tone and intestinal peristalsis, ensures a regular stool.

Pursh alder bark contains valuable substances for health - anthraquinones, in addition - useful volatile substances and tannins, vitamins đÉ, group đĺ, đí, PP, minerals (calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, selenium, sodium, magnesium).

the anthraquinones
It provides a gradual laxative effect, which manifests itself within 8–12 hours after taking buckthorn. Entering the body, these substances pass through the small intestine and reach the large intestine, where they begin to act actively. By stimulating the walls of the large intestine, anthraquinones begin to increase muscle tone and peristalsis. Compared to other plants with a similar laxative effect - hay, rhubarb, aloe - buckthorn "gently" cleans the intestine, does not affect its mucous membranes, does not cause irritation and pain in the gastrointestinal tract. Thanks to anthraquinones, it contributes to an easy and painless defecation, normalizes stool. That is why buckthorn is primarily recommended for the elderly - with age, the body no longer performs its functions as it should, which leads to the appearance of intestinal motility and peristalsis disorders.
Also, anthraquinones are effective against E.coli bacilli, enterococci, which destroy mucous membranes, prevent the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and cause various poisonings, while maintaining healthy intestinal flora. Another advantage of Pursh buckthorn is that it does not remove many vitamins and minerals from the body, as other laxatives do. Buckwheat tannins protect the intestinal mucosa from damage and prevent the development of inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. Together with the essential oils, these substances prevent fermentation in the intestine, contribute to the better functioning of the bile, increasing the removal of cholesterol from the bile, help the liver in the detoxification activity of the body.



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