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Grape seed extract is one of the most interesting natural antioxidants. What benefits does it bring to health?

Grape seed extract is an effective destroyer of free radicals, rich in flavonoids and considered more powerful than vitamin C and vitamin E, this substance helps with good blood circulation by preventing the destruction of collagen that cell membranes need.

It can also have an aspirin-like effect on heart health, slowing the formation of blood clots. Proanthocyanids – the active compounds in grape seeds – can also protect the eyes and help prevent glaucoma and macular degeneration, as well as other vision problems.

According to the New Vitamin Bible, edited by pharmacologist Dr. Earl Mindell, there are indications that these active compounds may protect the body from the harmful effects of radiation and some types of chemotherapy.

Grape seeds have exceptional therapeutic properties especially on the circulatory system and protect the body from the harmful action of free radicals. Used for its strong antioxidant effect, grape seed extract contains a complex of substances (bioflavonoids) expressed in pycnogenols.

It is effective as an adjuvant in reducing the symptoms of varicose veins due to the effects of stabilizing and strengthening the venous walls, reducing the viscosity of the blood and the fragility of the capillaries.

As a result of its ability to reduce capillary fragility, the product is also very useful in eye diseases.



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