Reishi Mushroom

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What are Reishi mushrooms?

Reishi, also known as Ganoderma lucidum or Lingzhi, is a mushroom that grows in various very hot and humid climates in Asia, including China, Korea and Japan.


How does Ganoderma lucidum work?

Because it works as an "immune modulator", reishi mushrooms can help restore hormonal balance, bring the body back to homeostasis and regulate the activity of the immune system. This can help fight tumors and cancer cells.

Research shows that reishi mushrooms act as a normalizing substance, regulating various functions and cellular systems, including the endocrine (hormonal), immune, cardiovascular, central nervous and digestive systems.

One of the greatest benefits of reishi is that it is able to do so much, yet produces almost no side effects. Reishi mushrooms are much less toxic than traditional medicines.

In fact, most people report a rapid improvement in their energy levels, mental focus and mood, while also experiencing a reduction in pain, allergies, digestive problems and infections.

The secret behind their healing potential? The different active ingredients that the reishi mushroom contains explain this.

These ingredients include complex sugars known as beta-glucans, plant sterols that act as precursors to hormones in the body, polysaccharides that fight the growth of cancer cells, and acidic substances called triterpenes that stop the body's response to allergies.

Recent findings suggest that reishi mushrooms can reduce inflammation and increase the release of natural killer cells, which act to remove various types of mutant cells from the body. This makes the reishi mushroom ideal for preventing heart disease and acting as a natural cancer treatment.

Some of the ways reishi mushrooms work to promote better health include:
  • activation of cytotoxic receptors (NKG2D / NCR)
  • inhibiting cell proliferation
  • suppression of vascular endothelial growth factor
  • increasing plasma antioxidant capacity
  • improving the immune response
  • converting excess testosterone into dihydrotestosterone



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