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Chlorella, like its related algae, spirulina, is one of the oldest types of algae known on the planet. Regardless of the forms in which Chlorella is consumed, capsules or powder, it is a natural food supplement, which is used to energize the body and to nourish and support health and the immune system.

It also regenerates and detoxifies the body and contamination with heavy metals in the environment or in food, reduces inflammation and supports the optimal functioning of the brain, liver and digestive system.


Properties of chlorella

Chlorella is a very good source of vitamins and minerals
It has the role of strengthening the immune system
It has the role of reducing, helps to lose weight and effectively contributes to the development of muscle mass
It is an anticancer algae and can effectively prevent mutations that occur at the cellular level
It has anti-inflammatory, anti-anemic and antioxidant effects
It effectively maintains the health of the intestines, liver, nervous system and kidneys
Effectively regulates the level of cholesterol and triglycerides
It balances blood circulation
It oxygenates the cells and detoxifies them

Benefits of chlorella

#1. Chlorella has the role of nourishing the body

Because there are many nutrients in its content, chlorella is very often used for children when they grow up, but also for athletes and in some cases for anemia and anorexia.

It stimulates the immune system and activates all the body's antibodies, and thus contributes to its protection and the fight against infections in addition, it also increases the effectiveness of vaccines and all treatments that involve the administration of antibiotics against respiratory and urinary infections.

It effectively fights infections by stimulating the growth of white cells in the human body and is recommended even for people who are infected with HIV.

#2. Chlorella stops or completely stops the evolution of viral hepatitis

These algae stimulate the immune system very well and help the body fight viruses. It also supports the rapid regeneration of the body, being very effective in combating hepatitis types A, B and C, respectively.

It helps a lot to detoxify the body. Chlorella very successfully removes toxins that are accumulated in the body including heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium or uraim and is very good for smokers or those who consume alcoholic beverages. You can find a lot of information on the internet about detoxification with these algae.

#3. Chlorella greatly lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels

Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol are very common conditions in today's society, conditions that this plant can alleviate and treat.

#4. It contributes a lot to the good functioning of the digestive system

The high content of chlorophyll ensures this aspect, and chlorella can normalize the flora and can also accelerate the healing speed for gastric and intestinal lesions and calm all inflammations. It contributes a lot to the healing of ulcers, gastritis, colitis and relieves the symptoms caused by an irritable colon.

#5. It helps and supports the good functioning of the brain

Chlorella has the role of improving the power of concentration and facilitating the treatment of conditions such as anxiety and depression and is recommended for people who are sick with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's because it is able to regenerate nerve cells.

#6. Chlorella helps in the process of healthy weight loss

Because it has a fairly high content of antioxidants, chlorella eliminates not only toxins but also extra fat, because it is very rich in proteins and establishes a state of satiety quite quickly. It also contributes to the amplification of the effects of physical exercises and helps you lose weight in a healthy way, without the need to consume essential minerals and vitamins.

#7. It helps you keep your body young

Chlorella also reduces oxidative stress which is caused by improper diet, pollution and stress. Having vitamin C and A in its composition, it protects the body from all free radicals and also contributes to the youth and health of the skin.

It balances the PH because it is an alkaline seaweed and effectively contributes to maintaining the optimal pH in the body and thus helps you to function properly and keep all diseases at bay.

#8. Chlorella has also proven effective in the fight against cancer

Chlorella stimulates T cells called lymphocytes that play a role in immunity and helps them fight cancer cells.

It also protects you from radiation and people who are undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy can consume chlorella with great confidence, because it has the role of reducing all the negative effects of the treatments, having a great continuityt of chlorophyll.

#9. Treats genital ailments

In the case of women, Chlorella can be an excellent adjuvant to treat genital diseases such as ovarian cysts and fibroids, painful menstruation and chronic discharge. It also helps regulate hormone levels.



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