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The biological and structural role of Mg was first known due to its pharmacological properties. Magnesium is one of the most abundant metallic elements inside the cell, where its quantity is exceeded only by potassium. Natural salts of Mg2+, known as "epsom salts" (MgSO4), have been used since ancient times as osmotic purgatives. Later it was observed that injections with magnesium salts have a favorable action on the skeletal muscles.


Magnesium is one of the most important bivalent ions that help maintain healthy teeth and stimulate the transformation of immature (amorphous) bone into mature and crystalline bone. It is also known to prevent bone fractures due to increased bone elasticity.

Magnesium is an essential element in all major metabolic processes: DNA and RNA synthesis; protein synthesis; nerve impulse transmission; muscle contraction; membrane transport; cell division; oxidative phosphorylation and photosynthesis. In addition, Mg is a structural component of many macromolecules and a constituent of the active catalytic center of enzymes.



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