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Zinc is among the many essential trace elements that the body needs to be healthy. Practically, absolutely all forms of life need zinc to function. However, the body cannot produce zinc. Therefore, it must be taken from the food we eat or from supplements.

The biological functions and benefits of zinc
A multitude of biological functions are dependent on zinc. It acts as a catalyst for over 100 different enzymes. In addition, zinc's benefits include normal DNA synthesis. If it does not have a sufficient amount of zinc, the body would not be able to develop normally, prevent infections or heal properly.

Approximately 2-4 grams of zinc are distributed throughout the body. The largest amounts go to the brain, bones, muscles, liver, kidneys, eyes and prostate. To maintain this level, we must consume foods rich in zinc, such as red meat, fish and poultry, crustaceans, eggs, dairy and nuts.

Zinc supplements are necessary only if the diet does not provide the necessary intake. However, excessive use of supplements should be avoided because it can cause side effects and toxicity.



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