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Muira Puama is a plant specific to the Amazonian areas of Brazil, which has become more and more known in recent years, also in Europe. It has been used since the time of the tribes, to increase the libido, being suggestively called "Viagra of the Amazon".

The healers of those times used the shrub's bark and root in various tinctures, creams and juices to revitalize the nervous system, solve fertility problems in both men and women, improve memory and treat gastrointestinal ailments. Muira Puama was considered an extremely powerful general tonic for the body, beneficial for increasing physical endurance and energy levels.


Muira Puama and its health benefits

Researchers in the field are still discovering new benefits of consuming Muira Puama, being a shrub with a unique composition, the action on the body being fast and effective. It is probably one of the most well-known ingredients in natural remedies and supplements for treating erectile dysfunction and low libido. It has beneficial effects for both sexes.

Discover further what are the main benefits and properties of the Amazonian shrub:
  • Improving sex life
As a natural remedy for preventing premature ejaculation, solving erectile dysfunction or female fertility problems, the mixture of Muira Puama and Ginkgo Biloba is indicated.

In the case of men, a certain compound in Muira Puama has the effect of regulating blood circulation in the penis, so that the erection is stronger and longer lasting. Also, the plant sterols contained in Muira Puama extract support the secretion of testosterone, the male hormone responsible for libido, desire, potency and sexual performance. Being a fairly strong natural tonic, in addition to reducing symptoms related to erectile dysfunction, Muira Puama increases endurance, calms the nervous system and induces a feeling of well-being throughout the body.

In the case of women, Muira Puama has the role of potentiating sexual desire and the ability to reach orgasm, with every sexual act. It acts like any type of aphrodisiac, helping to enhance sexual performance and intensify intercourse for both partners.
  • Memory improvement
Muira Puama extract is known for its beneficial effects in preventing and treating Alzheimer's disease and any form of memory impairment. The consumption of Muira Puama is recommended, especially for the elderly, the contents of the plant helping to inhibit the enzymes that break down acetylcholine in the brain.

Thus, the memory improves noticeably, as does the power of concentration and reaction. Muira Puama extract is one of the most beneficial natural remedies introduced in the conventional treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety/depression
A permanent state of stress can lead to negative effects on the body over time, from weakening the immune system to increasing cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Muira Puama extract works as a calming and sedative effect on the nervous system by reducing tension and nervousness.
It is ideal for those who often experience panic attacks, symptoms of anxiety or depression. It keeps the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood under control, contributing to a normal secretion of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.
  • Reducing body fat
Numerous studies show the incredible effect of regular consumption of Muira Puama extract. After 3 months of treatment with the miracle shrub, it was observed that the level of bad cholesterol in the blood decreased considerably, while the level of good cholesterol increased.
Also, a good part of the fat was eliminated, by accelerating the metabolism and increasing the muscle mass.
  • Decreased menstrual and stomach pain
A proper dose of Muira Puama can help you get through the pains and troublesome symptoms of menstruation better. Not only does it reduce abdominal cramps, but it manages to reduce tension in the entire body by inducing a state of calm. It also acts in the case of digestive problems, by soothing the pain and regulating the normal activity of the system.
  • Hair loss prevention
Muira Puama extract is ideal for men who want to prevent premature hair loss, especially those who know they have a genetic predisposition to this  thing. The effects are equally beneficial, by internal administration or applied externally, at the root of the hair.

​​The composition of the shrub makes the hair follicles more resistant and stimulates the appearance of new hairs. A good remedy for women who dye their hair regularly and have started to notice more pronounced hair loss due to the harmful action of chemicals.



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