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We all know about the benefits of olives and olive oil on the body. But little was known about olive leaves and their benefits until recently.

The olive (Olea europaea L) is a tree with thick, spear-shaped leaves, light green (on the upper side) and silver-white (on the lower side). The olive tree is widely cultivated in the Mediterranean regions, especially for its fruit (olives), but also for its leaves and wood.

The olive contains mineral salts (potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper, manganese, magnesium, proteins), vitamins (A, B1, B2, C, E), unsaturated or monosaturated fatty acids and fiber (100 grams of olives is equivalent to 240 Kcal .).

The mature olive leaves are harvested in April and March, before the flower buds appear, and are then dried and ground for use in infusions, extracts and tinctures, or can be combined with other herbs.

Olive leaves fight against bacteria and viruses. Remedies based on olive leaf extract have been known since ancient times. Medical evidence from the 19th century shows that a drink based on olive leaf extract was used with good results in the treatment of malaria patients. Dozens of studies followed, with positive results. They demonstrated that olive fruits and leaves contain secoiridoids, especially oleuropein, which is an active compound that lowers blood pressure.

Olive leaf extract can be used for viral infections. Several studies, including the one conducted by researchers from the Robert Lyons Clinic in Budapest (Hungary), have shown the positive effect of olive leaf extract in the case of several infections, including: viruses, laryngitis, herpes, skin infections , pneumonia and stomatitis. Research carried out over several years by French scientists has shown that herpes viruses are inhibited and even killed by olive leaf extract.

A study published on the website of the National Institute of Health in America shows that olive leaves contain more polyphenols, more precisely strong antioxidant substances that prevent premature aging of tissues. An active substance with antioxidant properties is oleuropein, which in the body is metabolized into another substance, which in turn has antifungal properties.



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