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Glutathione is a tripeptide made up of three protein blocks or amino acids: glutamine, cysteine ​​and glycine. Glutathione is constantly produced by the body. In its reduced form, glutathione travels through the cells, collecting toxins such as mercury, free radicals and heavy metals, which it then removes from the body.

In a world where exposure to toxins is constant, whether it's water, air, environment, food, care products or anything else, it's crucial to take full advantage of antioxidants like glutathione. Although the body naturally produces glutathione, it is important to turn to external sources, depending on the level of toxins to which we are not regularly exposed. Glutathione can be found in some vegetables, fruits and spices, or it can be taken orally, intravenously or nebulized.

Scientists were initially of the opinion that oral administration of glutathione is not effective due to the digestion process, but a 2015 study proved that oral glutathione supplements are very effective. The study notes that "a daily intake of glutathione supplements has been shown to be effective in increasing the body's natural stores of glutathione."

Glutathione benefits

Protects the body against oxidative stress – glutathione neutralizes free radicals, but also unstable oxygen cells and heavy metals found in the body. It helps to prevent the consequences caused by free radicals, such as premature aging, chronic fatigue, intestinal disorders and neurodegenerative problems.

Strengthens the immune system – glutathione has strong effects on the immune system. Studies have proven that, in people with a strong immune system, lymphocytes contain an exact amount of glutathione.

Decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease – endothelial dysfunction is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. This occurs when the endothelium (the fine tissue that covers the inside of the heart and blood vessels) no longer functions as it should. However, studies have proven that glutathione improves endothelial function and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Contributes to liver detoxification – the liver detoxifies the body, and glutathione helps detoxify the liver. Glutathione clings to toxins before the body can eliminate them. A study revealed that the difference between a healthy liver and one with cirrhosis is the low level of glutathione in the diseased liver.



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