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Cordyceps is a Tibetan mushroom with multiple therapeutic properties. Cordyceps is native to Tibet where it has been used and appreciated for thousands of years. The name cordyceps means larva in winter, plant in summer because cordyceps really resembles a worm in winter and green leaves like grass in summer. The scientific name is cordyceps synensis and the scientific community has conducted multiple studies with beneficial reports of this mushroom.


The main therapeutic properties of cordyceps are:

  • cordyceps increases the body's general and specific immunity, being an excellent immunomodulator
  • cordyceps increases resistance to effort, increases physical performance and increases longevity
  • cordyceps supports erection and male sexual function, being very useful in erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and vascular disorders in the penis
  • cordyceps improves sperm quality and sperm mobility
  • cordyceps has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action
  • cordyceps purifies the blood and improves the cellular oxygenation rate
  • cordyceps has an anticholesterolemic effect and lowers blood lipid levels
  • cordyceps has an anticancer and antitumor effect, stimulating the normal multiplication of cells
  • cordyceps stimulates diuresis and the normal functioning of the kidneys
  • cordyceps stimulates the functioning of the liver and metabolic processes, being an excellent detoxifier

Cordyceps, therapeutic indications and scope of therapeutic action:

Due to the multiple indications that I briefly listed above, cordyceps can be considered a superfood acting on all systems and organs of the human body.


Cordyceps is indicated in conditions at the level of:

  • respiratory tract and lungs
  • heart and cardiovascular system
  • liver and kidneys
  • the reproductive and genital system
  • tumors and different forms of cancer



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