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Amino acids are organic substances and building blocks of proteins and muscles. We can distinguish 22 amino acids that can be divided into 2 categories: essential and non-essential. Essential amino acids cannot be synthesized by the body and must therefore be obtained from food or nutritional supplements. In the category of essential amino acids we include: methionine, lysine, leucine, valine and isoleucine. Non-essential amino acids can be synthesized by the human body from food, but they are just as important as essential amino acids. Non-essential amino acids are: alanine, aspartic acid, glycine, glutamine or arginine.


The benefits of amino acids:

  • Elements of protein and muscle formation
  • Helps increase muscle mass
  • Helps to quickly regenerate muscle mass
  • They play a key role in preventing muscle catabolism

Breakdown of amino acids by composition:

Complex amino acids are nutritional supplements that combine a balanced amount of essential and non-essential amino acids. These amino acids act synergistically and complement each other. It is a complex of amino acids important especially for increasing and strengthening muscle mass, they are also indicated during the diet. At the same time, it is appreciated that it does not burden the digestion.

Simple amino acids, in this category of supplements you will find all those amino acids that can be taken individually and not in combination with other amino acids. Here we include: leucine, arginine, glutamine, lysine, taurine, citrulline malate and others. Protein along with amino acids are very important products for everyone, but especially for those who want a healthy muscle mass. It is not always possible to take the optimal amount of amino acids only from the diet, so it is good to take them in the form of supplements. Most go through the process of hydrolysis, so they do not burden digestion.



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