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One of the main benefits of valerian, recognized since Antiquity, is the fight against insomnia. According to studies, valerian reduces the time needed to fall asleep and improves the quality of sleep. One study stands out through its remarkable results. Of all the volunteers who consumed valerian, 44% said they had a perfect sleep and 89% said they slept much better. No participants reported side effects.


Researchers have discovered that valerian stimulates the production of aminobutyric acid. It is responsible for regulating the activity of nerve cells and reducing anxiety. Moreover, valerianic acid and valerenol from the roots of the plant have anti-anxiety properties.

Valerian root contains isovaleramide, a substance that reduces high blood pressure. A blood pressure above the normal threshold increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. And the preparations from this plant help to clean the arteries and regulate the processes within the circulatory system.

By stimulating the production of aminobutyric acid in the brain, valerian reduces the stress felt during busy project periods. Moreover, studies say that valerian keeps serotonin (a microtransmitter that regulates mood) at a normal level. In other words, valerian helps to regulate the activity of the happiness hormone.

Most people with bipolar disorder also suffer from anxiety and insomnia. Researchers have shown that valerian reduces these two symptoms in people with bipolar syndrome. The patients thus have a much better general state of health and can focus better on their family and relationships with those around them.



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