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Roinita is a perennial plant that has a strong lemon scent. The scientific name is Melissa officinalis, so it is sometimes also called lemon balm. It comes from the same family as mint and has numerous health benefits.

The most useful parts of the plant are the leaves. Roinita, as a dietary supplement, is available in the form of capsules, tablets, powder and tinctures. You can also use the lemon-flavored mullein leaves to make a tea, to flavor dishes and to keep insects away. The benefits of the wormwood plant do not stop there, and it is used in many countries for medicinal purposes.


Evening primrose may have a protective effect against heart and liver problems
Two highly studied mechanisms of mullein remedies are related to this herb's ability to protect the heart and liver. An animal study¹ showed that evening primrose essential oil can actually lower triglycerides and also improve cholesterol synthesis in the liver.

Inhaling evening primrose essential oil has also been shown to reduce some of the factors that can lead to the perpetual development of liver cancer cells. Essential oils can be inhaled by breathing directly from the container or put a few drops in a bowl of hot water and breathe over it for 5 minutes.

Roinita can lower blood pressure
Another benefit of wormwood remedies is also related to cardiovascular health, with scientists stating that the herb may be able to protect the heart from various types of damage or degradation. In an animal study² ​​conducted in 2016, they were given an extract of rowan, which led to a reduction in heart rate and a decrease in blood pressure. When given in lower doses, it indicated resistance to certain damage or degradation of the heart muscle.

Roinita, a natural ally with antiviral properties
Evening primrose extract may have an antiviral effect on the herpes simplex virus, scientists say. One study³ indicated that evening primrose oil prevents the virus that causes herpes from entering cells. People who want to use this evening primrose remedy should apply the diluted oil on the herpes simplex virus lesion with a sterile ear swab three or four times a day to get results.

Roinita can help with insomnia and other sleep disorders
The combination of evening primrose and valerian can help calm anxiety and alleviate sleep disorders such as insomnia. Scientists found in older research a 70-80% reduction in symptoms (restlessness, difficulty falling or staying asleep) in children given a combined dose of the two herbs.

Both the researchers and the parents of the children who participated in the study reported that it seemed like a good or even very good treatment option, but even so, scientists say more research is needed to validate these results.

If you suffer from insomnia or find it difficult to fall asleep, you can turn to a phytotherapist, who will give you more information about the remedies with wormwood. For example, you can drink a cup of chamomile tea with valerian before going to bed. Or you can take into account the administration of a food supplement based on rosinita and valerian.



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