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The human body needs boron in very small quantities, but it is important for the health of bones and the growth of muscle mass, because it helps to produce a natural steroid compound. It is also necessary for the metabolism of calcium, phosphorus and manganese.

Boron ensures the functioning of the brain, strengthens attention and plays an important role in the way the body uses the energy from fats and sugar. Boron deficiency is rare, but elderly people are recommended to take supplements of 2-3 mg/day due to the fact that they have problems with calcium absorption. Boron deficiency accentuates vitamin D deficiency.

Boron helps prevent postmenopausal osteoporosis and muscle building. Ingesting boron can reduce the size of prostate tumors, lowering blood levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA, a sign of prostate cancer) and can help prevent prostate cancer.

Boron relieves joint discomfort, reducing the level of COX-2 and LOX enzymes and helps preserve cognitive functions. Studies have shown that in regions where the level of boron in the soil is low, many people suffer from arthritis. A study carried out by the US Department of Agriculture demonstrates that through eight days of supplementing the diet with 3 mg/day, the menopausal women subjected to tests lost 40% less calcium, one third less magnesium and very little phosphorus through their urine.



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