Evening Primrose Oil

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Benefits of evening primrose oil

Treats common dermatological conditions – acne, eczema and other skin irritations can be combated with the help of primrose applied to the skin. It reduces inflammation in the skin, but also retains hydration in the tissues.

Studies in the field show that supplements containing evening primrose oil increase the elasticity of the skin, but also hydrate it deeply.

Relieves breast pain - some women experience, especially before menstruation, breast pain. According to specialists, evening primrose oil reduces the inflammatory process and also inhibits the prostaglandins that cause pain in the bust area. To see results, evening primrose oil supplements must be administered for several months in a row.

Soothes the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis – bone and joint pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis is caused by chronic inflammation. However, the fatty acids in primrose oil have the ability to combat this inflammatory process, thus reducing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Benefits for heart health – heart conditions put patients' lives at risk, so it is advisable to prevent them or keep them under control. A study done in 2014 revealed that heart diseases are often associated with the presence of inflammation in the body, and evening primrose oil can fight this inflammation.

Reduces the loss of bone density caused by osteoporosis - women, especially after menopause, are prone to osteoporosis, a condition characterized by loss of bone density and increased risk of fractures. Administration of evening primrose oil together with fish oil/calcium can slow the loss of bone density in patients suffering from osteoporosis.



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