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Top 11 L-Carnosine Benefits

  • maintaining tissue integrity and normal brain functions:
  • supports the normal functions of the cell membrane (ion transport, depolarization, etc.) and the transmission of information between neurons (maintains the activity of the Na-K-dependent ATP-ase enzyme)
  • offers support in limiting the action of reactive oxygen species on the lipids in the brain membranes (supports the antioxidant activity of the enzyme superoxide dismutase - SOD, the enzyme involved in the neutralization of superoxide radicals)
  • supports the normal functioning of the CNS (central nervous system) following ischemic/reperfusion events
  • maintaining normal blood pressure and supporting the contractility capacity of the heart muscle
  • normal glucose metabolism:
  • maintains a normal blood glucose level
  • favors the reduction of insulin resistance; insulin resistance is the process by which cells no longer respond properly to the action of insulin, which can lead to weight gain, blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • supporting the reduction of lens opacification progression
  • maintaining physical performances and increasing resistance to effort, but also reducing the recovery period after physical exercises
  • supporting the reduction of normal cellular aging processes (antiaging action) by supporting the glycolysis process (oxidation-burning- process of monosaccharides such as D-glucose, with the gradual and cumulative release of energy)



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