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The passion flower (Passiflora incarnata Linnaeus) is a medicinal plant, used all over the world, especially for its contribution to the reduction of anxiety and stress. The Passiflora genus includes over 520 species of dicotyledonous plants, which belong to the Passifloraceae family and which are cultivated to be used either in traditional medicine, the food industry, cosmetics, or as ornamental plants.



The compounds of the passion flower, especially of the fruits, leaves and flowers, show how this medicinal plant acts on the body. The most important of them are:
  • tannins - polyphenols, soluble in water; scientific studies so far have demonstrated the antioxidant and antibacterial potential of tannins;
  • flavonoids - bioactive compounds, which can have an important role in reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular or neurodegenerative diseases, having a very strong antioxidant effect;
  • tyrosine - amino acid that can provide support for improving memory and learning capacity, especially in stressful situations;
  • coumarin - numerous studies have demonstrated the pharmacological properties of curmarin: anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antihypertensive, antioxidant and a good neuroprotector;
  • glycine - glycine is a non-essential amino acid (one of the 20 proteinogenic amino acids) that the body uses to make protein.


The passion flower can be used in the form of capsules, extract, infusion from leaves or dried flowers, oils, etc. Specialists from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) mention some of the main benefits of the Passiflora incarnata plant, stating that the properties and mode of action on the body are subjects of continued research. There is some scientific evidence that shows the potential of Passiflora, so that the flower- passion can contribute to:
  • reduction of sleep disorders (insomnia);
  • reducing anxiety states;
  • reducing the sensation of pain, burning on the skin;
  • reduction of menopausal symptoms.


The use of capsules with passion flower powder, tinctures, teas, oils, infusions can be recommended in certain situations. Here are these:
  • insomnia - insomnia can affect the quality of sleep, and its chronic form can be associated with headache (headache), depressive and anxiety states and other medical problems; studies have shown that passion flower can provide support in reducing these manifestations;
  • chronic stress - chronic stress can cause, among other things, states of anxiety, agitation, nervousness, and Passiflora can have a sedative, calming action in such cases;
  • menopause symptoms - research so far has revealed that passion flower can support the reduction of some menopause symptoms, such as headache (headache), insomnia, anxiety, nervousness; at the same time, it can contribute to improving the manifestations of premature menopause;
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) - Passionflower powder can contribute to improving the symptoms, but more extensive studies are needed in this regard;
  • antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action - thanks to its compounds, passion flower can be an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory factor, but in this regard more research is needed than has been done so far.



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