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Arginine is an essential amino acid, known especially for its detoxifying effect on the liver. But the lack of arginine in the body causes a series of surprising disorders such as skin rashes, constipation, lack of libido and, over time, the decline of the entire immune system. This happens because arginine is an amino acid used by the body to form proteins and strengthen the defense against infections. Here are some of the less known beneficial effects that you can get with the help of arginine.

It normalizes the tension

Arginine is the precursor of nitric oxide that dilates, relaxes and maintains the elasticity of blood vessels. Therefore, it has a positive effect in reducing blood pressure, including pulmonary and coronary hypertension. The same positive effect is also observed in the case of the administration of arginine in people with poor peripheral circulation, who constantly have the sensation of cold hands and drops and the manifestations of Raynaud's syndrome. People with a predisposition to cardiovascular diseases due to high cholesterol can also benefit from the positive effect of arginine. It reduces the level of cholesterol in hypercholesterolemia, prevents thrombosis (blockage of blood vessels with clots) and atherosclerosis (cholesterol deposits on the arteries), improves coronary and peripheral blood flow, dilates, relaxes and maintains the elasticity of blood vessels. Moreover, it reduces the unpleasant manifestations of cardiac disorders such as angina pectoris and ischemic heart disease.

It increases the potency of men and helps diabetics

Because it has positive effects on the circulatory system, arginine indirectly helps to increase the sexual performance of men. Equally, arginine stimulates the production of testosterone, the male sex hormone that has a vasodilating effect, stimulates blood circulation and oxygenation of the sexual organs. For these reasons, arginine increases libido, helps maintain erection and has an important role even in the spermatogenesis process. More precisely, sperm quality increases because 80% of seminal fluid is arginine, and a possible deficiency leads to decreased fertility or even sterility.

Diabetics usually suffer from metabolic syndrome, a condition consisting of high cholesterol, abdominal obesity and hypertension. Arginine acts on all these three parameters, with a positive effect. More precisely, it has a lipotropic effect, that is, it helps to reduce fatty tissue, instead it maintains muscle mass, normalizes blood pressure and reduces the risk of choleseterol deposition on the blood vessels. In addition, arginine simulates the pancreas to produce insulin in the case of people suffering from insulin-dependent diabetes, helping to effectively control diabetes.



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