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Royal jelly, a white and viscous substance, similar to jelly, is the secretion of the hypopharyngeal and mandibular glands of worker bees. It represents the exclusive nutrition of young larvae, in the first 2-3 days of maturation, besides the fact that it is used as special food for the queen, throughout her life cycle.

Regalactin is the main compound in royal jelly, which allows the morphological change of a larva in the queen. This superfood is the main reason for the longevity enjoyed by the queen compared to other bees.

Royal jelly is widely used as a dietary nutritional complex to combat various chronic diseases, being attributed pharmacological benefits, such as the effects:


Benefits of consuming royal jelly
The nutritional content itself can be one of the benefits of this substance, because royal jelly offers a variety of nutrients necessary for maintaining health. It is composed of water, carbohydrates, a unique combination of proteins and fatty acids, polyphenols rich in antioxidants and small concentrations of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins from the B complex (thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, niacin, folic acid). , inositol and biotin).

1. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
In general, royal jelly is known to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. According to several tests on animals, it seems that the specific amino acids, fatty acids and phenolic compounds present in this superfood have strong antioxidant effects.

In addition, it turned out that cells of the immune system, which had been treated with royal jelly, produced fewer pro-inflammatory substances.

2. Reduces the risk of heart disease
Both animal studies and human studies have shown that this top product has a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels, thus reducing the risk of developing coronary diseases.

Although the exact mechanism of action is unclear, it seems that certain proteins in the milk composition can reduce blood cholesterol concentration.

A study carried out over 12 weeks showed that rabbits whose diet was supplemented with royal jelly recorded a reduction in total and "bad" cholesterol (LDL), the respective concentrations falling by 28% and, respectively, 2. 3%.

Similarly, following research conducted on humans, for one month, a decrease in total and LDL cholesterol was found, by 11% and 4%, respectively, in people who consumed 3 grams of royal jelly daily . .

3. Helps heal wounds
Used both internally and topically, the apiculous substance can be helpful in healing lesions and other inflammatory effects of the skin. Due to the antibacterial effect, it keeps the wounds clean, preventing infections.

Thus, an increase in collagen production was observed in the case of rats that were given this nutritional supplement, collagen being a vital structural protein for skin regeneration.

Other research has shown the acceleration of the tissue repair capacity of human cells, which have treated with this substance. However, in the case of patients treated for diabetic foot ulcers, no difference was observed regarding the skin regenerative process, which suggests the need for additional tests.

4. Lowers blood pressure
The proteins in this supplement contribute to the relaxation of smooth muscle cells at the level of veins and arteries, thus bringing benefits to the body by reducing blood pressure.

After testing a supplement that combines royal jelly with other substances derived from bee products, a considerable reduction in blood pressure was found.

5. Regulates blood sugar levels
This nutritional supplement can improve blood glucose control and insulin sensitivity, fight oxidative stress and inflammation.

Several studies, carried out on animals that consumed this substance, showed an increase in insulin sensitivity, as well as protective effects on the pancreatic, liver and reproductive tissues of obese rats suffering from diabetes.

In addition, a small study with human subjects, carried out for about 6 months, demonstrated a 20% reduction in blood sugar levels in healthy people who supplemented their diet with royal jelly.

6. It supports the proper functioning of brain cells
The well-known superfood can also bring benefits by stimulating neural activity.

It was found that the stressed rats, which had been treated with royal jelly, showed a reduction in the level of stress hormones, as well as a more central nervous system robust than in the case of the control group.

It was also observed an improvement in memory and the alleviation of the symptoms of depression associated with postmenopause, but also the fact that the rats treated with this dietary supplement were able to better eliminate certain deposits of chemical substances from the brain, associated with Alzheimer's disease. Most researches have therefore proven protective effects at the cognitive level, due to the antioxidant capacity of the bee product.

7. Fights aging
Royal jelly also benefits by slowing down the aging process.

For example, the rats that consumed this food supplement benefited both from the extension of life and from the improvement of cognitive performance.

Also, the substance is sometimes included in cosmetic products, to favor the maintenance of a young and healthy-looking complexion, because it stimulates collagen production and protects the skin against the harmful effects of exposure to UV radiation.

8. Supports the immune system
Due to the important proteins and fatty acids in the composition, royal jelly can stimulate the body's immune response against bacteria and viruses.

9. Alleviates certain symptoms of menopause
Menopause causes a reduction in hormone production, a phenomenon associated with physical and mental side effects, such as pain, memory problems, depression and anxiety.

A study involving 42 menopausal women showed that daily supplementation of the diet with 800 mg of royal jelly for 12 weeks was effective in reducing back pain and anxiety.

10. Reduces the side effects of antitumor treatment
Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments have significant side effects, including heart failure, inflammation and gastrointestinal problems.

Some studies have shown that royal jelly reduces chemotherapy-induced damage to the heart of tested rats, and a study with human subjects showed that applied topically, it prevents mucositis, a side effect of anticancer treatment, manifested by painful ulcers.

11. Fights dry eye syndrome
Administered orally, this superfood has benefits for the health of the eyes, because it increases the secretion of the lacrimal glands. Human studies have not reported adverse effects in this regard, so royal jelly can be a friendly solution in the case of chronic dry eye syndrome.



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