Life Extension Selenium (Se-Methyl L- Selenocysteine), 200 mcg, Life Extension, 90 capsules

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Selenium (Se-Methyl L-Selenocysteine): A Powerful Shield Against Oxidative Stress, Support for Thyroid and Immune Health


Selenium (Se-Methyl L-Selenocysteine), 200 mcg from Life Extension is a dietary supplement that provides selenium in a superior organic form, specifically as Se-methyl L-selenocysteine. This bioavailable and well-tolerated formula is recognized for its antioxidant benefits and support for immune functions.

The key ingredient is Se-methyl L-selenocysteine, a 100% natural and organic form of selenium from a plant-based source. This molecule is identical to the form of selenium incorporated into proteins in the body, leading to optimal cellular assimilation and retention.

Selenium is an essential mineral with numerous vital physiological roles. It serves as a structural component of antioxidant enzymes such as glutathione peroxidase, involved in neutralizing free radicals and preventing oxidative stress.

Additionally, selenium contributes to regulating immune function by modulating T-cell activity and cytokine production. Moreover, it supports thyroid metabolism by participating in the synthesis of thyroid hormones.


Selenium (Se-Methyl L-Selenocysteine) Benefits

  • Powerful Antioxidant Action by Neutralizing Free Radicals

Selenium plays a crucial role as an integral part of antioxidant enzymes, including glutathione peroxidase, which neutralizes free radicals and protects cells from oxidative stress. This action significantly reduces the risk of cellular damage and premature aging, thereby contributing to the overall health and vitality of the body.


  • Support for Cellular Immunity by Modulating T Cells

Through its impact on the immune system, selenium supports the optimal functioning of T cells and other components of the immune response. This essential mineral helps modulate immune responses, providing protection against infections and speeding up recovery from illnesses. This mechanism of immune support is vital for the prevention and management of diseases.


  • Regulation of Thyroid Function and Synthesis of Thyroid Hormones

Selenium is particularly important for thyroid health, essential for converting thyroid hormones from their inactive form to the active form. Through this mechanism, selenium supports metabolic regulation and hormonal balance in the body, contributing to optimized thyroid function and prevention of thyroid disorders.


  • Potential Anticancer Effect through Antioxidant Action and Detoxification

Studies suggest that selenium may have anticancer effects due to its ability to improve antioxidant activity and facilitate the body's detoxification processes. By neutralizing free radicals and supporting toxin elimination, selenium can reduce the risk of cellular mutations and cancer development. This potential anticancer effect is one of the most promising benefits of selenium.


  • Cardiovascular Protection by Preventing Oxidative Lesions

The antioxidant effect of selenium also extends to cardiovascular protection, where it helps prevent oxidative lesions of blood vessels and reduces the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. By minimizing oxidative stress in the cardiovascular system, selenium aids in maintaining heart and blood vessel health, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including atherosclerosis and hypertension.


Synergistic Effects with Other Nutrients


To maximize the health benefits of selenium, it is recommended to combine it with other nutrients that also support health:

  • , enhances the effectiveness of antioxidants and supports cell protection against oxidative stress.
  • , essential for immune function and can work synergistically with selenium to support immune system health.
  • , contributes to the regeneration of active vitamin E and enhances selenium absorption, providing strong antioxidant support.


Usage Suggestions

Read the entire label and follow the instructions carefully before use.

Take one (1) capsule daily with food, or as recommended by a healthcare professional.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Vegetarian Capsule
  Amount Per Serving %Daily Value
Selenium (as Se-Methyl L-Selenocysteine) 200 mcg 364%


Other Ingredients

Microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable cellulose (capsule), stearic acid, silica.


Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not exceed recommended dose.
  • Do not purchase if outer seal is broken or damaged.
  • When using nutritional supplements, please consult with your physician if you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition or if you are pregnant or nursing.
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