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Urinary Tract Essentials: Advanced Protection for the Urinary Tract, Improved Kidney Function, and Immune Support


Urinary Tract Essentials, Swanson is an innovative dietary supplement designed to provide comprehensive support for urinary tract health. This product combines top natural ingredients with the latest health research to create an effective and safe formula.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - 200 mg: Known for its antioxidant properties, vitamin C plays a crucial role in strengthening the immune system. It also contributes to urinary tract health by reducing the risk of infections and supporting kidney function.

D-Mannose - 600 mg: This simple sugar, which does not affect blood glucose levels, is highly effective in preventing and alleviating urinary tract infections. D-Mannose helps remove E. coli bacteria from the urinary tract, thus reducing the frequency and severity of infections.

Bromelain - 200 mg: Extracted from the stem and fruit of pineapple, bromelain is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It helps reduce inflammation and pain associated with urinary tract infections while also providing digestive support.

Cranberry Juice Powder - 200 mg: Cranberries are known for their beneficial effects on urinary tract health. Cranberry juice powder contains proanthocyanidins that inhibit the adherence of bacteria to the walls of the urinary tract, reducing the risk of infections.

Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum annuum) - 50 mg: Cayenne pepper, rich in capsaicin, stimulates blood circulation and aids in detoxifying the body. It may also have a thermogenic effect, contributing to improved metabolism.

Kyo-Dophilus® - 8.3 mg: This unique combination of probiotics L. gasseri, B. bifidum, and B. longum provides strong support for a healthy intestinal flora. A balanced gastrointestinal tract is essential for a strong immune system and preventing urinary tract infections.


Urinary Tract Essentials Benefits


  • Prevents Urinary Tract Infections:

The unique composition of "Urinary Tract Essentials" includes D-Mannose and cranberry juice powder, ingredients that are effective in preventing urinary tract infections. D-Mannose acts by preventing bacteria, such as E. coli, from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract, thus reducing the risk of infections.


  • Combats E. coli and Other Urinary Pathogens:

D-Mannose is specialized in combating the E. coli bacterium, one of the main causes of urinary tract infections. Additionally, antioxidants and bioactive compounds in cranberry juice powder help inhibit the adherence of other urinary pathogens.


  • Relieves Burning and Painful Urination:

The bromelain in this supplement provides anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, helping to alleviate discomfort, burning, and pain during urination, common symptoms in urinary tract infections.


  • Reduces Inflammation in Urinary Tracts:

Anti-inflammatory ingredients such as bromelain and cayenne pepper help reduce inflammation in the urinary tracts. This not only relieves symptoms but also contributes to faster recovery.


  • Aids in the Regeneration and Healing of Mucous Membranes:

Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant present in "Urinary Tract Essentials," plays a crucial role in collagen synthesis, essential for the regeneration and healing of the mucous membrane of the urinary tract. This helps strengthen the body's natural barriers against infections.


  • Prebiotic & Probiotic for Balancing Flora:

The Kyo-Dophilus® complex in this supplement provides a balanced mix of probiotics (L. gasseri, B. bifidum, and B. longum) that support intestinal flora health. Balanced intestinal flora is essential not only for digestive health but also for the optimal functioning of the immune system, which in turn protects against urinary tract infections.


Urinary Tract Essentials, Swanson represents a comprehensive and effective solution for maintaining urinary tract health. This supplement combines scientifically proven natural ingredients, offering protection against infections, reducing inflammation, and supporting mucous membrane regeneration. Additionally, it balances intestinal flora, contributing to a strong immune system and improved overall health. Whether you want to prevent urinary tract issues or support recovery after an infection, "Urinary Tract Essentials" is the ideal choice for a healthy and active lifestyle.


Usage Suggestions

As a dietary supplement, take two vegetarian capsules daily with water and food.

Supplement Facts
Servings Size: 2 Veggie Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
  Amount Per Serving %Daily Value
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 200 mg 222%
D-Mannose 600 mg *
(2,400 GDU/gram; 480 GDU)
200 mg
Cranberry Juice Powder 200 mg
Cayenne Pepper
(Capsicum annuum) (fruit)
(30,000 heating units/gram)
50 mg
(blend of L. gasseri, B. bifidum, and B. longum) (250 million CFU†)
8.3 mg
*Daily Value not established.
†Contains 250 million CFU (Colony Forming Units) when manufactured and guaranteed to provide an effective level of bacteria until the "best by" date.


Other Ingredients

Hypromellose (vegetarian capsule), potato starch, microcrystalline cellulose (vegetable fiber), silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.


For adults only. Consult your healthcare provider before using this product or any other product if you are pregnant or nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if the seal is broken. Store in a cool, dry place.
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