Osavi Vitamin B1 Thiamine, 100 mg, Osavi, 60 capsules

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Vitamin B1 (Thiamine): Vital Source for Energy, Nervous System, and Cardiovascular Health, Essential Benefits for Overall Well-being

Vitamin B1 Thiamine, 100 mg, Osavi is a high-quality dietary supplement that provides a generous dose of thiamine, also known as vitamin B1. It is essential for the proper functioning of the body, aiding in the conversion of food into energy and supporting nervous and cardiovascular functions. The 100 mg thiamine supplement ensures the recommended daily dose, offering optimal support for overall health.


Vitamin B1, known as thiamine, is one of the B-complex vitamins that play a crucial role in energy metabolism. It is water-soluble and must be obtained daily from the diet, as the body cannot store it in significant amounts. Thiamine is involved in numerous essential biological functions, including carbohydrate metabolism and nervous system functioning.


Vitamin B1 Benefits

  • Supporting Energy Metabolism and Combating Fatigue

Vitamin B1 is essential for converting carbohydrates into energy, serving as an important cofactor in several enzymatic reactions within the Krebs cycle, the body's central metabolic process. It helps break down carbohydrates from food and convert them into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the primary energy molecule of cells. By supporting energy metabolism, thiamine helps maintain optimal energy levels and reduces feelings of fatigue. Individuals with thiamine deficiency may experience chronic fatigue and weakness, highlighting the importance of this nutrient in combating exhaustion.


  • Improving Cognitive Function and Memory

Thiamine plays a critical role in brain function and the nervous system. It contributes to the synthesis of neurotransmitters, chemicals that facilitate communication between nerve cells. By supporting the synthesis of these neurotransmitters, thiamine improves cognitive functions, including attention, concentration, and memory. Studies have shown that thiamine deficiency can lead to cognitive and memory disorders, underscoring its importance for mental health and optimal brain function.


  • Maintaining Nervous System Health

Vitamin B1 is crucial for maintaining the health of the nervous system. It helps protect nerves by supporting the formation of the myelin sheath, the protective layer that surrounds nerve fibers. A healthy myelin sheath ensures efficient transmission of nerve impulses. Thiamine deficiency can lead to myelin degeneration, resulting in neuropathies and other neurological problems. By maintaining nervous system health, thiamine helps prevent and alleviate symptoms associated with nervous disorders.


  • Supporting Normal Cardiac Function

Thiamine is essential for the normal functioning of the heart and cardiovascular system. It helps maintain cardiac muscle tone and ensures adequate blood flow. Thiamine contributes to the energy metabolism of cardiac cells, providing the necessary energy for regular and efficient heart contractions. Studies have shown that thiamine supplementation can improve cardiac function in individuals with congestive heart failure, highlighting its importance for heart health.


  • Potential Benefit in Preventing and Managing Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a common complication of diabetes, characterized by nerve damage due to high blood sugar levels. Thiamine can play an important role in preventing and managing diabetic neuropathy. It helps protect nerves by reducing the formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs), harmful substances formed when proteins or lipids combine with blood sugar. Studies have shown that thiamine supplementation can improve symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and contribute to nerve protection against oxidative damage.


  • Supporting Digestive Health and Appetite

Vitamin B1 is important for the proper functioning of the digestive system. It contributes to the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, necessary for food digestion and nutrient absorption. Thiamine also helps maintain the health of the intestinal mucosa and prevent digestive inflammations. Additionally, thiamine plays a role in regulating appetite and hunger sensation. By supporting carbohydrate metabolism and maintaining stable blood sugar levels, thiamine helps prevent sudden appetite fluctuations, contributing to a healthy dietary balance.



Compatibility with Other Supplements

  • For supporting energy metabolism and nervous system health, thiamine can be combined with other B-complex vitamins, such as and.
  • For cardiovascular health, thiamine can be paired with, and.
  • For reducing fatigue and stress, thiamine can be combined with, and.
  • For supporting cognitive function, thiamine can be combined with, and.




Swallow the capsule with a glass of water. We suggest taking one capsule in the morning.



Inulin, thiamine mononitrate, coating (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose).


The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. A varied diet and a healthy lifestyle should be maintained to help ensure normal health. Store in a dark, dry place at room temperature, out of the reach of small children.
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